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Case Study #1: Individual – Interviewing Out of current role

Updated: May 31, 2021

Inessa Nicoleascu – An Award Winning Anti-Human Traffic Specialist – sought out interviewing support. Her goal was to make sure she was maximizing every interview opportunity made available and she had just been invited to interview for one of her dream jobs. She was determined, focused, and ready to jump in. The results were amazing!

Here is a condensed version of what she wrote to me:

I am so happy that I have decided to use the services of a professional interview coach like yourself, despite all the discouragement I got from my friends who claimed that there would be nothing new I would get from it and it would be just a waste of time and money.

Carole, there is ABSOLUTELY no way I would have gotten this job without your professional guidance, insight, and expertise. Yes, I do have the experience and perhaps the necessary skills to carry out that job, but I was clueless how to sort all that information and frame it in an accessible, coherent way. Your formula and approach tremendously helped me to:

  • stay focused and deliver a compelling and clearly articulated message;

  • manage the time efficiently;

  • this approach helped me overcome my nervousness, which often times would considerably reduce my confidence;

  • you have EMPOWERED me to view myself as a partner on par with the interviewers rather than an interviewee, and that very approach made me relax and at times steer the interview towards the direction that was fitting my needs and interest;

  • It felt very liberating to tell the interviewers that I’d like to get to their question later and proceed to the next one. Apparently, the world did not stop revolving because of that and nobody died :)) During previous interviews, I would have said something just for the sake of saying, which was sooo wrong.

Additionally, if had not had prepared with you for the interview, I would have “flooded” the interviewers with tons of erratical information, which in essence could be valuable, but too much to comprehend and digest. I am positive I would have lost them in the first 2-3 minutes and I would have been eliminated from the race.

Fun fact – (I later learned) – (I was up against) really strong candidates with stellar credentials, experience, ~ Yet they were totally unprepared for the interview and literally froze during the interview without knowing what to say or explain! Some of them did well during the pre-recorded interview but then totally failed during the actual interview. Most of them struggled heavily with the behavior-based questions.

Thank you again for all your support, kind assistance, and professional guidance!

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