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How to concentrate at work when you wonder if you should be there

Updated: Aug 9

In this current situation, many of us are doubting whether we should be self-quarantined or carefully participating at work. We’ve adapted the elbow or namaste greeting, we are washing our hands, using anti-bacterial gel, and still trying to act casual and ‘normal’. There is nothing normal about a pandemic, especially with a new virus that has unknown ramifications. For someone who has adopted a love of hugging instead of the formal handshake – this is a new world of NOT hugging.

So it is easy to see how concentration is disrupted, anxiety creeps in, weird thoughts of ‘what if’ start to take over and we are a mess of not focusing. Here’s a practical tip for right now:

  • Breath! I mean – really stop and inhale, fill your lungs as full as you can get them- hold it – then slowly release. Do this 3 times. (Give your brain the air that anxiety robs it of.)

  • Then, evaluate and ask yourself What is going right? (Find at least 3 things going right)

  • Then grab your recently decontaminated phone and set a timer for 25 minutes and get to work.

  • When the timer goes off – stop, and repeat.

  • This will get you to a better place of productivity, take your mind off of worry so you don’t waste your imagination on the wrong things, and help you build a focus habit that you can use now and when you are less stressed later on.

I’ll share more tips as we move forward!

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