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New Year. New Results. New You!

Updated: May 31, 2021

January welcomes the lull after the holiday excitement and the renewed vigor to make the next year better. With the renewed intentions comes the initial burst of energy to actually do it this time. Why doesn’t March have the same activity? Because you didn’t think past the initial goal. Here’s a new idea!

FOCUS ON THE RESULTS OF GOALS Do be intentional about what you want to see happen, but instead of focusing only on what will happen, focus on what happens WHEN that happens. This positions you to actually look forward to the effect of the results of the goal, not just the goal. This goes in the face of a lot of advice on focusing on the processes involved to obtain goal, yet, I’m not advocating that you don’t understand how to achieve the goal. I’m just saying that often times we reach a goal and then get disillusioned because we didn’t consider what would come next: the ‘now what?’ let down after the goal is accomplished. People who lose weight, gain weight back. People who stop smoking, take up a different habit in its place or go back to smoking. I have a better idea, if you focus on what the results of obtaining the goal will let you do, then you are prepared to reach the goal and keep thriving. A person loses weight and now knows she can have a new wardrobe or fit in the one she loves. A smoker will understand more how their health will change and can plan on not missing other breaks at work with different coworkers.

#1: TAKE NETWORKING. Networking is enjoyable and easy for some and dreaded by others. I contend that it’s because you forget why you’re doing it. It becomes a habit to show up at the regular networking places and you forget to maximize it for business or relationship building for work. What if you changed your perspective on what will happen after you network? How many people can you follow up with realistically? (This may help you stop from grabbing a ton of business cards just to grab them.) Who do you really need to connect with? (This will help you ask others you know to introduce you or invite that person to the next networking event.) What is your current goal for networking at this function or time of year? (Share that with others at the event – this is what makes networking – work!)

#2: TAKE WORK. Let’s say you like your job and yet you know you need to look at this new year with renewed eyes and assess where you are growing at work and where you should look to perform higher. For many, they are so close to the situation, they don’t have perspective on this. This is where new information makes the brain wake up! I recently offered my first Strength Strategy Bootcamp as a pilot program and I’m always impressed with the insights gained. A wonderful director marveled at the fact that knowing her strengths helps her firmly believe she is in the right role when for the last three years she has doubted it even while be applauded by your peers and superiors. Go figure!

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NEW INFORMATION. Identifying your natural strengths can help you analyze if you are in the right role now, growing into the right role next, or needing to pivot to maximize what you naturally gifted to excel in.

New information leads to New Ideas. New Ideas lead to New Results. New Results = New You!

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