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Peer-to-Peer Masterminds

Establish meaningful collaborations, improve decision-making, and increase your productivity.
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Why Join a Mastermind Group?


A peer-to-peer mastermind group is ideal for those who lead people and are looking to gain insight and support from others with diverse experiences and perspectives. Relevant Insight Masterminds are ideal for female leaders aspiring to the C-Suite or military veterans who have transitioned to a corporate role.

Grow Community & Connection

Relevant Insight’s Masterminds are designed to grow your network of leaders in an environment of mutual respect and trust.

  • Create powerful relationships and foster deeper connections.

  • Grow personally and professionally.  

  • Receive honest feedback from your peers.

  • Experience personal growth through an exchange of experiences.

  • Engage in professional development opportunities.

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Leverage the Genius of Many 

A peer-to-peer mastermind group is about exchanging ideas, giving feedback, and inspiring actionable steps toward success.  You will gain the opportunity to share your thoughts openly, and safely - enabling you to find solutions more easily and expand your knowledge by tapping into the collective energy of like-minded people.


  • Collaborate with like-minded people in a safe, structured environment. 

  • Develop solutions for challenges and brainstorm new ideas.

  • Share your knowledge and unique perspectives.

  • Challenge each other’s thinking and provide feedback in an open forum.

  • Leverage the skills and knowledge of those around you.

What to Expect When Joining a Peer-to-Peer Mastermind

Mastermind Orientation

Strong, effective participation and relationship building within a mastermind group are best supported by thoughtful preparation. Each group member will work individually with Carole to understand their unique strengths and consider new opportunities.

Monthly In-Person Meetings

Join the members of your mastermind group for opportunities for connection, inspiration, and problem-solving. Our most significant breakthroughs often occur when we experience a change in environment and exchange fresh perspectives.

Accountability Partners

Unlike traditional networking, a peer-to-peer mastermind group focuses on mutual growth and learning. We connect you with people who share your vision and will be able to offer valuable feedback, insight, and guidance. Your challenges and goals help match you to an accountability partner who will help facilitate your growth.

Monthly 1:1 Coaching

A monthly 30-minute coaching session with Carole will complement your participation in a mastermind group and allow you to discuss individual accomplishments or challenges.

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Meet your Mastermind Leader & Coach
Carole Stizza

As an Executive Leadership Coach, Carole has spent over 25 years studying the differences between corporate and military leadership, identifying the best practices of both. As a military spouse, Carole has reinvented herself professionally as she moved her family around the country. Her personal insight helped her to appreciate the journey both military leaders and corporate leaders forge on their way to the C-suite.  She uses a proven process to clarify what sets you apart from other leaders, help you define your next best steps, and encourage you to lead with more influence.

2023 Masterminds
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Women Aspiring to the C-Suite

Join a community of women who are aspiring to C-suite level leadership and desire to gain the insights, strategies, and solutions that can help them pave the way for their success. It’s time to achieve the goals that inspire you. 

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Military to Corporate
Connect with former military leaders who are or have transitioned to corporate leadership as we explore ways to harness the power of your experiences, overcome outdated thinking, and employ corporate culture to your success.  Together we’ll prepare to reach the leadership roles that bring you increased purpose and joy.
Mastermind Investment & Commitment


Participation in a mastermind requires a six-month commitment; many individuals who participate will do so for a year or more. We encourage members to prioritize their participation in their group, recognizing that each of us makes a valuable contribution.


Mastermind programs include a half-day assessment, debrief, and personalized leadership plan. The initial mastermind onboarding investment is $1,200. Ongoing participation in the group requires an investment of $3,750 every six months, with a discount for returning participants. Your organization may have a professional development budget that you can allocate to your participation in a mastermind group.

Explore How Joining a Community of Leaders Can Transform Your Work

There's no doubt that mastermind groups can help you achieve your goals – but it's essential to find the right mastermind group for you. Schedule a discovery call to learn more about joining a Relevant Insight mastermind and explore how joining a unique community of leaders can help you elevate your effectiveness and achieve more.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • How can we decide if Carole is a good fit for our audience?
    The best way to determine if Carole is the right fit for your event is to book an inquiry call. You can also learn more about Carole’s background and experience on her About page.
  • Can we request a specific topic or a topic that’s not listed here?
    Yes! Carole welcomes ideas for speaking topics. She works with every group to ensure that all content is fully customized to your audience and is committed to helping you create a memorable and impactful experience for everyone.
  • Is Carole available for virtual events?
    Yes! Book an inquiry call to start planning the keynote for your virtual event.
  • Will Carole participate in additional events? Is she available to facilitate workshops or other learning opportunities?
    Absolutely, we encourage event organizers to consider how we can continue to integrate the learnings presented in the keynote and start to make a lasting impact on attendees.
  • Can we provide copies of Carole’s book to attendees?
    Most certainly! Including Carole’s book is a great way to encourage attendees to dive further into their individual growth as leaders. Depending on group size, discounts may be available.
Find More Meaning in a Mastermind of Like-Minded Leaders

Schedule a discovery call to take the first step in gaining the tools, resources, and peer support needed to achieve your goals and maximize your potential.

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