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About Me

Carole is an executive coach, keynote speaker, and author on a mission to elevate her clients to understand, embrace, and leverage the qualities that set them apart. To find success at every level takes work but no one has to do it alone.

Her transformational approaches are informed by her career in strategic human resource roles, her education in Applied Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and her deep understanding of conflict resolution and organizational culture.

Carole is passionate about working with clients who desire more.  Carole loves helping leaders define and apply their own style of leadership, whether in the public or private sector, or in a non-profit or government position.

She has served clients all over the world, including franchises within Chick-fil-A and larger organizations like Deltek. Whether big or small, Carole helps her clients understand their value, celebrate what makes them unique, and become the person they believe they can be.

For great advice and experienced insights from Carole, check out her book “The ASK Framework,” or the books she helped co-author, “Coach Wisdom” and “Compassion @ Work.”

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