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Work with Carole to Find Your Edge and Excel as an Executive Leader 

Unleash your inner strengths through self-discovery, overcome challenges by asking better questions, and boost your impact as a leader by understanding three critical conversations you must be having. Let’s start asking the questions that lead to your future success.


Small Changes Add Up to Big Differences 


Carole’s approach to leadership focuses on three key factors that have the most significant impact on our success: 


  • Behavioral intelligence: The behaviors that determine your resilience 

  • Emotional intelligence: How we respond to adversity. 

  • Positive intelligence: How to conquer the inner critic. 


Carole guides leaders to think differently, convey their values better, discover the missing conversations in their life, and succeed differently. 

How Leaders Can Work with Carole 

Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge introduces emerging leaders to the critical characteristics found by research to help them develop effective, transformational leadership skills.

Keynote Speaking

 Carole speaks to emerging, established, and executive leaders who want to gain insight into how to communicate more effectively, engage their teams, and enhance the leadership of individuals and their organizations.


Peer-to-peer mastermind groups offer participants established resources, support, innovation, and a strategic network for women aspiring to C-Suite roles and military members transitioning into corporate roles.

Executive Coaching

Identify what sets you apart. Individual coaching elevates your leadership acumen, helps you design clear and exciting goals, and connects tangible actions with your aspirations.

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Meet Carole

Carole Stizza is an Executive Leadership Coach, author, and speaker who works with leaders who want to gain clarity on what they want, get recognized for their unique abilities, and reap the rewards that are most meaningful to them. Her background includes a master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and a rich career in human resource and facilitation roles. Carole helps you to tap into your strengths, create more opportunities, and walk a clear path to achieve your goals. She has been recognized as a Top 20 Leadership Coach in 2023 by HR Tech and as one of the Top 10 Coaches to Watch in 2023.

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Schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call 

Start identifying the tools and strategies needed to improve your communication skills, build stronger relationships, and become a more effective and influential leader. Carole will help you better understand how working together can ignite your growth and accelerate your personal and professional development. 

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