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Executive Coaching

Become the leader you desire to be with clarity and stronger instincts.

carole stizza executive coach


Executive Coaching for Leaders


Anyone who leads others and strives to achieve career success can benefit from individual coaching. While Carole is passionate about leadership and honored to coach a variety of outstanding leaders, she is on a mission to serve women who aspire to reach the C-Suite and military leaders who have stepped into corporate leadership roles.


Carole is committed to creating spaces where individuals can authentically lead with influence. She believes that each of us has something unique to offer. Carole welcomes imperfections and only asks that her clients are willing to show up for themselves. 


Her work with clients combines three core areas of focus:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Behavioral Intelligence

  • Positive Intelligence

Benefits of Executive Coaching

Coaching offers an objective method to challenge any limiting beliefs and provides perspectives you've missed.

When you show up for yourself with consistent coaching, you can expect to:

  • Overcome unexpected challenges and breakthrough limiting beliefs.

  • Gain help, support, and guidance in finding more professional and personal harmony. 

  • Triumph in your journey to C-suite-level leadership. 

  • Align individual leadership beliefs and attitudes with corporate values.

  • Discover more ease, confidence, and success.

Coaching is provided 1-on-1, in person or virtually, and allows you to:

  • Embrace what sets you apart and connect it to your success.

  • Lead your team and organization with renewed energy.

  • Achieve the goals that will impact your professional and personal life for the better.

  • Elevate all your relationships for lasting success.

  • Clarify your joy and implement habits to sustain it.

What to Expect from Executive Coaching 

30-minute Introductory Call

Finding the right fit in a coach is essential. Carole offers complimentary 30-minute discovery calls for those who would like to talk before working together. You can expect to learn how coaching will help you achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and find opportunities to thrive.

Complimentary Coaching Session

Coaching is a unique partnership that requires trust, respect, and a genuine connection. Each individual interested in coaching will be offered the opportunity to engage in her process, get a sense of what coaching is like, and decide if it’s a good fit.

Individual Assessment & Debrief

Based on our conversations during the complimentary coaching session, Carole will suggest you complete one or more assessments. These assessments are focused on uncovering your strengths and identifying areas of opportunity. Following these assessments, Carole will share the results and connect those findings with the opportunities and path forward.

Ongoing Support, Guidance & Accountability

Most leaders find that some combination of 2-4 hours of coaching per month allows them to gain insights, observe the impact of their choices at work, and make significant progress. Coaching requires some regularity, but each individual is encouraged to work with Carole to find a frequency and duration that best supports their needs.

carole stizza executive leadership coach
Executive Leadership Coach
Carole Stizza

As an executive leadership coach, Carole’s personal and professional journey heavily impacts her unique approach to leadership development. Carole has spent 20+ years working with corporate leaders and supporting the career of her military spouse. In that time, she has gained unique insights that help her appreciate the journey forged by both military and corporate on their way to the C-Suite. Carole is passionate about assisting individuals in identifying what sets them apart, designing clear and exciting goals, and connecting tangible actions with their aspirations.

Carole Works With:

Executives and leaders aspiring to have more impact, influence, and foster more engaged teams.

Leaders who wish to communicate at a higher level and encourage quality work, dignity, and mutual respect.

Optimize their authentic leadership style.

Gain clarity on who they are and what they value. 

Understand how to show up and increase their impact with others. 

Executive coaching is a good fit for anyone who wants to:

Executive Coaching Investment & Commitment


Long-lasting change and success require an ongoing commitment. Individuals should prepare to commit 6-12 months to coaching. Each individual will work with Carole to determine a frequency and duration that meets their unique needs.



Coaching is an investment in your future success and is customized to the individual. Depending on specific inclusions, duration, and frequency, the investment ranges from $6,000-$30,000. 

Book Your Introductory Call with Carole

Identifying the right partner for your future success is imperative. Start the journey towards empowered leadership and book a complimentary, 20-minute call with Carole. Together you’ll explore how coaching can bring impactful change and uncover what makes your work most meaningful.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • How can we decide if Carole is a good fit for our audience?
    The best way to determine if Carole is the right fit for your event is to book an inquiry call. You can also learn more about Carole’s background and experience on her About page.
  • Can we request a specific topic or a topic that’s not listed here?
    Yes! Carole welcomes ideas for speaking topics. She works with every group to ensure that all content is fully customized to your audience and is committed to helping you create a memorable and impactful experience for everyone.
  • Is Carole available for virtual events?
    Yes! Book an inquiry call to start planning the keynote for your virtual event.
  • Will Carole participate in additional events? Is she available to facilitate workshops or other learning opportunities?
    Absolutely, we encourage event organizers to consider how we can continue to integrate the learnings presented in the keynote and start to make a lasting impact on attendees.
  • Can we provide copies of Carole’s book to attendees?
    Most certainly! Including Carole’s book is a great way to encourage attendees to dive further into their individual growth as leaders. Depending on group size, discounts may be available.
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Unleash Your Unique Brilliance

Book your complimentary 20-minute discovery call with Carole and learn how her approach to self-discovery and leadership development can transform your career and allow you to lead with more purpose and impact.

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