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Carole Stizza



Keynote Speaking

Having been a keynote speaker for companies such as Penguin Random House, Carole knows what your audience needs to hear to help them grow both personally and professionally. Her goal is to showcase why being unique, asking better questions, and embracing what sets you apart can elevate personal success. By sharing her own stories, filled with both humor and honest reflection, Carole challenges audiences to look at their own lives and identify how they can grow. Beyond that, she also offers specific, actionable steps that audience members can begin applying to their lives right away.
As your next keynote speaker, Carole is an ideal presenter for corporate audiences at all levels, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs. Her audiences walk away with new insights, tools, and strategies to use immediately. On top of that, Carole’s passion is contagious and she’ll have your audience learning to ask good questions in no time! You can expect Carole to be dynamic and responsive, bringing both the energy and insights your audience needs.
Carole’s keynote on “The ASK Framework: Questions That Elevate Your Influence, Performance, and Leadership” will have your audience motivated to see feedback, performance conversations, and everyday interactions at work, differently than ever before.

For more information, check out her one sheet or media kit below, or schedule a call with her.


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