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Leadership Challenge

Do you want to join leaders who are getting attention for getting extraordinary results?  Do you want to network and learn from other leaders who are igniting their skills, passions, and potential?  If so, joining the Leadership Challenge Program is the space for you. To learn more, click below to ask any questions you have with Carole.

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Join the Leadership Challenge 


Gain access to a community of emerging leaders equally committed to developing their skills and knowledge with the support of others and a coach. 

Weekly Group Call

Each week, members will discuss the learnings highlighted in The Leadership Challenge and determine how they can best begin to implement this knowledge into their daily lives. 

Weekly 30-minute 1:1 Coaching Session with Carole

Group calls are supplemented by individualized coaching with Carole, where you can expect to work through your unique challenges and celebrate your progress in implementing new leadership skills and strategies. 

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Meet Your Coach, Carole

Carole is an executive coach, author, and speaker with over 20+ years of experience within human resource and leadership roles. Carole focuses on helping you explore what sets you apart from other leaders and defining your next steps—all so you can lead with more influence. Carole has been recognized as a Top 20 Leadership Coach in 2023 by HR Tech and as one of the Top 10 Coaches to Watch in 2023.

The Leadership Challenge:

How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations by James M. Kouzes

The Leadership Challenge introduces leaders to The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® to prepare them to make extraordinary things happen. 


The Five Practices: 

  • Model the Way

  • Inspire a Shared Vision

  • Challenge the Process

  • Enable Others to Act

  • Encourage the Heart


Kouzes and Posner's research reveals the keys to cultivating effective, transformational leadership skills. With over a hundred new case studies, The Leadership Challenges provides emerging leaders with practical, real-world advice backed by global research. 

Investment & Commitment

Each Leadership Challenge is a twelve-week journey culminating in significant leadership development. The investment is $2,997, and many leaders who join find their workplace’s professional development budget can be allocated to their participation. 

Join the Leadership Challenge 

 Schedule a call with Carole to learn more about the Leadership Challenge and find out when the next group is forming. Carole can guide you in understanding exactly how your participation will ignite your skills, passions, and future leadership potential. 

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