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Change is Hard. Gratitude Easier.

It can feel easy to sit down and feel grateful. We list off our friends, our health, the love of a pet.

And Change is ever present as we still face the lingering pandemic, the debate over our health choices, and the economy.

Recently, I sat in a gorgeous Mexico villa having to remind myself to be grateful for the scenery, the chance for a short vacation, and the brilliant availability of antibiotics as I tried to rally to participate with a horrible sinus infection left over from having strep throat.

But change became hard as one of our family members got a call from a friend warning her about their covid exposure, and then we all stared at the positive results from her test, having to change our entire trip. Luckily the exposure left only a positive test in its wake and symptoms were mild to non-existent thanks to vaccinations. But we quarantined and that’s where gratitude entered back into the picture as we could quarantine at a beautiful pool with a view of the ocean. It’s all about perspective.

When life throws you curve balls, the change can feel unfair, poorly timed, and downright personal. Don’t let it. How you respond says more about you than anything else.

This Holiday season may bring about a lot of unexpected change for you. Travel plans change due to the pandemic. Workload may get crazy before it gets slow. Staffing issues cause you more stress than you ever knew you could experience. And the lack of shipping inventory may be completely maddening.

Here is a tip that helps you create space for perspective. Plant both your feet on the floor and take 3 very deep breaths through your nose and release through your mouth. Research offers that deep breathing can help you reduce stress and rethink. And rethink about what to be grateful for. What are you learning? How are you growing? How will you use this experience to help you moving forward?

This type of thinking expands your capacity for productive reasoning and, according to Harvard, increased happiness.

As you sit together with friends and family this holiday season, remember to breath, be grateful, and open yourself to a new perspective.

I do get to coach on this very topic as I sit with overwhelmed, burned out, and wicked smart leaders. Just adding deep breathing to their daily habit offers astounding results when change is constant and new perspectives in demand.

It’s time to take time to breath and be grateful.

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