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Homecoming and Big Changes

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The current pandemic has offered new insights into how we work, live, connect, and handle sudden change.


It has also presented change no one saw coming – like when, a year ago, we got word one of my husband’s clients offered him a position within their Colorado office. And just like that, we sold our house and moved during a pandemic. This was sort of a homecoming as my husband fell in love with Colorado while attending the Air Force Academy and both our kids loved snowboarding while stationed here in the early 2000s.

Altitude Change

I now live, work, and play between 6000 and 11000 ft altitude every day. We now have a sweet apartment overlooking a lake near Denver Monday thru Friday and a mountain getaway we keep putting sweat equity into for the next phase of fun work to come.

Change presents a lot of emotions: excitement for new adventures, exhilaration for new beginnings, grief over saying good-bye to daily constants and local friends. The pandemic denied us the chance to give hugs, throw a party to say good-bye, or even reconnect with good friends along the way.

Change is exciting and can also evoke the 5 stages of grief, of which I’ve experienced most of them as the one year anniversary of our move hit me hard, the beginning of this month.

I’m not alone, change has stamped it’s mark everywhere we look.

15 Ways Life has Changed

There are 15 ways life has significantly changed, noted in a recent Fortune article, since the onset of the pandemic. Out of the 15, the one I’ve worked with clients on the most has been how to set boundaries between work and life demands while working from home. Lacking a commute, sound proof walls, a place for kids to play away from your monitor, and dogs barking or cats sitting on keyboard - there has been a lot to laugh about. There has also been a fair amount to struggle through too.

Mindset is Key

Mindset is the key to balancing the demands we’ve all faced and will still face as the pandemic slowly finds its way out of our daily life. In fact, mindset is the key to building grit, resilience, and stamina through all change. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager or the CEO, the reasons offered by apply to all who step into work every day.

That is why we are bringing back the Monday Minute videos that used to be posted every week. They will be Monday Mindset Minute Videos to help everyone get a tip to use on getting into the right head space as the weeks begin. Look for these to start in November.

If there is a mindset tip that has helped you, please let me know what that is and I’m happy to highlight it in an upcoming video and share you as the source.

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