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Carole Stizza

Don't Just Lead. Succeed.

Compassion at work book co authored by carole stizza
the ask framework book
Coach Wisdom book co authored by carole stizza
Carole Stizza coach of relevant insight
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Top 20 Leadership Coach of 2023

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Customized Coaching to Help Leaders & Teams Increase Their Impact

Carole works with leaders who recognize that to succeed differently, they need to think differently. She helps her clients increase their influence, have greater impact, and find more joy in what they do.

carole stizza founder and coach of relevant insight

Meet Carole Stizza

Carole Stizza is an accomplished Executive Coach and Founder of Relevant Insight, a professional coaching and training organization specializing in leadership and team engagement. With over two decades of experience in human resources and leadership roles, Carole's passion is in helping individuals and teams identify their strengths, design clear and exciting goals, and connect tangible actions with their aspirations. She has been recognized as a Top 20 Leadership Coach in 2023 by HR Tech and as one of the Top 10 Coaches to Watch in 2023.

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Elevated Leadership Retreat

Join Carole for this unique retreat among the Aspens in Breckenridge, CO in September 2024. Explore what you need to elevate your success and unpack the three leadership abilities found within emotional intelligence, positive intelligence, and resilience.

The ASK Framework:
Questions that Elevate Your Influence, Performance, and Leadership

The Ask Framework by Carole Stizza offers a simple framework for gaining valuable feedback from supervisors, coworkers, and team members, leading to better job performance, more focused leadership, and greater career success. Through personal illustrations and real-life examples, this book is a game-changer for anyone who wants to turn their performance reviews into a positive and productive experience.

carole stizza holding the ask framework book
Explore the Blog

Gain inspiration and motivation to take your leadership skills to the next level. Explore real-life examples and leadership tips that will improve your communication, strengthen your relationships, and enhance your decision-making skills.

NEW!  How effective is your leadership?

The Leadership Strength Scorecard is designed to gather insights into where you feel you are on the different aspects of your leadership.  It is a quick and repeatable way to self-assess your leadership.

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