Virtual Coaching

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Virtual Coaching Membership – New!


New Leaders, CEOs, and Business Owners often think of executive coaching as a one-and-done relationship.  A momentary tool to help get them over a large hurdle.   And yes, that does work…and…Established Leaders always consider the larger benefits of maintaining a coaching relationship, often for years.  


Long-term results lead to innovative thinking that helps you continue to stand out, uniquely, without having to earn another degree or credentials you don’t need.


Learn what you need to achieve your goals:

  • Handle new challenges as they arise, without stress.

  • Continue to expand what sets you apart as a leader without waiting for a performance review.

  • Connect your natural strengths to the needs of your organization without trying to be someone else.

  • Become successfully self-aware as you evolve.

  • Trust your decision-making instincts with greater confidence.

  • Lead a team with practiced ease and reduced drama.

  • Continue with more career options offered to you without struggle.


Coaching memberships is based on your desired level of virtual support:

$500/month = Monthly coaching session and support

$800/month = Bi-monthly coaching sessions and support


Coaching sessions are based on your current needs and includes texts, emails, and check-ins to help you stay on track. Discuss your leadership needs, challenges or even include your team if needed, for your success.


Membership is billed monthly and can be canceled with 48 hours’ notice. Refunds are not available for partial months.