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New Year. New Job?

Updated: May 31, 2021

January gets credit for making us think. At least to think about what we want from the New Year and what we do not want to repeat from the last. Often this is a time when people exclaim, “Enough!” and vow to move forward; embracing new possibilities or looking for new opportunities. This can open the doors to a more fulfilling position, a new job, or a complete change in career direction. offers that while over 50% of people start thinking about a new job in the new year, there is a 43% surge in people actually looking for jobs in January, EVERY YEAR!

BEFORE YOU CONSIDER A NEW JOB If you are expecting a year end bonus, wait to receive it before looking to jump ship. We all have to be mindful to not leave money on the table, whether that’s staying put for a bonus (that you have worked hard for), or moving on to a new job with better pay.

NEW JOB, I’M COMING FOR YOU! These are big decisions and the job hunt often begins no differently than any other new year resolution: lots of hope, energy, intention, and just enough planning that you feel productive. However, if you don’t start with new information, the hard work of the job hunt begins to wear on you and you fall back into dancing with the job you have, instead of the job you don’t know is out there.

GET NEW INFORMATION Here’s where I recommend taking enough time to get new information about yourself. There are many ways to go about this.

I advocate getting feedback on what you do right from those that you know and work with. Right now – January – is the ideal time to start analyzing what would be the right job for you. Did you know that you will spend over 35% of your life at work over a 50-year career? Why not make it the right job?

You could also reach outside your work arena and take a course on recognizing your strengths or beefing up your professional skills in some way.

Did you know that I offer a Strength Strategy Bootcamp Course that does exactly this? It’s starting February 6 and there is limited space available. Find out more today! Here’s the bottom line: find out what you are both naturally good at and what you are professionally skilled at. Gain some insights through science and data using assessments and a coach. Often, we are too stuck in how we think other people see us to even realize that this only occurs in our own head!

Truly, your self-awareness may need a huge update! Shifting how you view yourself, your strengths, and those around you is the best foundation from which to begin to build a stronger, brighter future.

2019 is the year to take that step!

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