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New Year, New You!

Updated: May 31, 2021

Identify your story – Identify your success! I recently was asked to do a business spotlight during an amazing radio show: Executive Leaders Radio, hosted by Herb Cohen and it came out Jan 5!

The premise is brilliant as its intention is to help CEO’s and high-level executives become more relatable by interviewing them on what happened to them between the ages of 8-14 years of age that lends to their success today.

Indeed, all of our successes are built on our past. Our stories of today are all built on foundations of both good and bad experiences. How we responded to all of them make us who we are today. Herb Cohen opens the door to letting all of us know that once we identify our own stories – we actually can identify our successes today.

What’s that? You don’t take the time to look backwards and unpack your past?

Let’s not delay! — Let’s find your stories that need to come forward!

To help, this first month of 2020 I’m jumping into big ideas and big offerings. Including how to help you identify your story.

To start, I use science to get you out of your head. Assessments that have high validation and repeatedly consistent results are great at helping you see how you’ve been uniquely set up in this world to think differently than anyone else. They identify where you are naturally strong. And more importantly, identifying your mental strengths helps you look backward and see when and how your strengths play out in all you’ve done before and how you are successful now. Identifying your strengths suddenly helps make sense of how you do things today, and have always done them – you just didn’t know to give yourself credit.

Let’s change that!

I’m offering some great tools this year –to hear more – jump into my newsletter.

First on the calendar is an opportunity to join a monthly group that is focused not only on learning strengths, but connecting those strengths to where they are going – connecting their past stories of success to future goals – with more information, insights, and action than ever before. It’s like a workout for your ‘success brain’ without going to the gym! Who knew we could do so much from the comfort of your own home! Yep, the group is virtual – and you can learn while relaxing outside of work – which makes the price even more attractive.

To learn more about stepping into a strength strategy group to experience connecting with others on strengths, click here.

Seriously, you don’t want to miss this fun opportunity!

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