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Strength Based Leadership



Strength Based Leadership – In Person - Off-Site - Virtual


To connect, inspire, and bond your team from disengaged to increased synergy and action, book this in-depth 3-day off-site retreat, designed to elevate your team to a high-functioning team that can obtain clarity and learning without the distraction of the office.  Includes the Add-on individual coaching to optimize the integration of desired skills.


Included in the full Off-site Experience:


Strengths Matter to Innovate

Teams often get stuck in group think, not realizing that valuing the differences each offers catapults ideas and creativity to new heights.  Strength based decisions set team member’s unique talents apart, learning to value those individual talents connects innovative action to your organizational success.  This workshop includes assessments, individual debriefs, and team reports.

Why Asking Works

The ASK Framework book introduces a method to help every employee and leader communicate and connect with more accurate information.  This workshop provides questions that help replace old habits and provides the kind of positive feedback that enhances all professional relationships, within your organization and with clients.  Find value in others while making them feel seen, heard, and valued. Includes books for each attendee.

Communicating Value to Build Influence

So often we react and respond to questions instead of preparing for opportunities to share experiences that connect with results.  Solving this is often only thought to apply to interviews or promotions. Using a 5 step process, gain greater results when you connect your talent to the right story, allowing you to also leverage the talents and value of your workforce to attract and gain new clients. This fun approach is honest story telling – and gets results. 


Individual Coaching for Higher ROI

When a workshop is over, the techniques and lessons are often lost as daily life takes hold again.  To ensure that every moment spent learning is integrated, add individual coaching after your workshop.  Regularly tapping into how new ideas are put to use will increase strength awareness, sustain innovative thinking, and elevate performance. (pdf button – to learn more)


Virtual and Customized Programs

Designed for the geographically dispersed team that wants to increase engagement, trust, rapport, and communication across performance needs.  Cost, time, and platform are determined based upon group size and desired results.

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