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Relevant Insight Workshops with Carole Stizza

Customized workshops are designed to identify and celebrate individuals' unique strengths and increase the value of diverse teams. Workshops are ideal for organizations that prioritize strength-based leadership, are eager to innovate, value diversity, or strive to elevate their methods of communication. 

Meet Carole Stizza

Carole Stizza is an Executive Leadership Coach, Senior HR Professional, and a Strength Strategy Specialist. Carole understands that leadership is priceless, and no one needs to wait for permission to lead. Her work with leaders has proven to increase organizational innovation, collaboration, and retention. Her background includes a master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, a rich human resources career, and immense facilitation and coaching experience. She’s been honored to receive awards that include Woman of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and the favorite of all: world best ‘Ya-Ya,’ courtesy of her grandchildren. 

Past Workshop Topics 

Strengths Matter to Innovate

Teams often get stuck in group thinking, failing to realize the value of their differences. In their workshop, team members will learn how to make strength-based decisions. Leaders can use individual strengths to inspire creativity, catapult ideas forward, and motivate organizational success. This workshop includes individual assessments, uncovering each person’s unique talents and skills, and a report highlighting how your team can thrive. 

Why Asking Works

The ASK Framework introduces a method that helps leaders communicate and connect accurately and effectively. With this workshop, leaders will learn to overcome old habits and discover the types of questions that will inspire positive feedback and curiosity. These questions prompt better professional relationships, help leaders identify their unique value of individuals, and ensure that team members feel seen, heard, and valued. 

What to Expect from Workshops 

Organizations can expect attendees to gain curated insights and learn to value one another in new ways, increasing teams' ability and providing an opportunity to innovate successfully.
Depending upon the topic, desired outcome, and workshop length, attendees may receive: 
  • Individual assessment reports
  • Activity worksheets & prompts 
  • A copy of The Ask Framework
With the addition of individual coaching, organizations can increase the ROI of workshops and ensure the techniques and lessons learned are fully integrated into the daily lives of leaders. Individual coaching increases strength awareness, sustains innovative thinking, and elevates the performance of current and future leaders.

Planning a Workshop for Your Organization


We recommend that you plan to book Carole 6-9 months in advance of your event, but we can sometimes work with organizations planning a workshop in as little as three months. If you would like to book Carole further in advance, workshop details can be determined closer to the workshop date. 

Format & Length  

 We can design a workshop format and length to suit your key objectives. Most workshops range from a half-day to three days and are entirely customizable. We will carefully consider the size of your group, the allotted time frame, and your key objectives to create an impactful and effective workshop. 

Virtual Workshops 

Virtual workshops are designed for geographically dispersed teams that want to increase engagement, trust, rapport, and communication. The structure and content of virtual workshops are customized based on the size, challenges, and communication needs of each team. 


The workshop facilitation cost depends on the event's length, format, and location. Every workshop is customized to your audience and can include individual assessments or coaching opportunities. Workshop investments range from $2,500-$10,000. 

Engage Your Leaders & Start Planning Your Next Workshop

Schedule an inquiry call with Carole to begin envisioning impactful programming that will assist your teams in enhancing communication, encouraging innovation, and increasing their adaptability to new and existing challenges.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the typical workshop? 
Each workshop is fully customized to meet the needs of your group. While workshops can be planned for as little as an hour, the most effective, transformational work is supported by several hours of collaborative work. 
Does the investment cover materials for the workshops?
Yes, the workshop investment will cover all the required materials as well as any required travel.
Are workshops priced by person or by the hour?
Good question! The workshop investment is based on the number of participants, the length of the workshop, and the specific content or assessments included in the workshop. 
What will we need to do to prepare for a workshop facilitated by Carole?
Once you’ve booked your upcoming workshop, Carole will work with event organizers to plan all of the details in advance of your date. Typically, this process requires 1-2 hours in total.

Schedule an inquiry call with Carole and start planning to elevate your team's engagement, enhance communication, and enable their success. 

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