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A Tag Line for Every Leadership Level

Updated: May 31, 2021

Tag lines are quickly becoming memes, mantras, and inspirational short quotes we lovingly repeat. But what exactly is a tag line?

Thanks to Wikipedia, you too can learn how not to confuse a tag line with an advertising slogan! A business tag line is designed to be short and sweet for dramatic effect. They are usually associated with a logo and are meant to be more permanent. While slogans are often temporary to capture a company’s particular marketing campaign. Take the following logo tag lines:

Coke ~ Open happiness! Nike ~ Just do it! Microsoft ~ Be what’s next! Verizon ~ Can you hear me now? McDonalds ~ Just lovin’ it!

Or watch this 3 minute clip to get more. Tag lines are short, to the point, and identify how to imprint your memory with the results you want. I learned this when I was challenged to become more to the point on developing my own tag line.

And you may ask, “Why does a coach need a tag line?”

You have a point. Coaching is a partnering designed to guide a leader through the process of uncovering the secret sauce that sets them apart in their own style, dreams, goals, and how they want to get there. And each person is uniquely different, with different journeys, goals, and outcomes. How can you lump people like that together? I get it – but I work with a specific group of clients: emerging leaders, directors, and executives.

And when you look at the most common results your clients get – you get a sense of what will resonate with future clients who want to achieve the same successful results. And because I work with leaders at every level of an organization, I needed my tag line to also resonate at every level of the organization. From the employee who wants to set their pace with a rock start first 90 days in a new role – to the executive who’s landed their dream position to be successful with those they lead and need to impress.

The following results are needed. So – to: Get Clear. Get Recognized. Get Paid. This is where my coaching gets results. And not every coach is perfect for every person. Which is why it is always wise to interview coaches to see how coaching can move you towards exactly what you want.

You can do that with me right here:

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