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Case Study #2: Individual Interviewing Up in Current Role Promotion

Updated: May 31, 2021

Michelle Sosa, PMP – a wonderful client who reached out to me via LinkedIn, sought out the need to improve her career situation. She had resigned herself to the fact that she may have to interview out of her organization to get the recognition she knew she deserved. However, what she learned during our time together allowed her to take advantage of a surprising opportunity that she did not realize existed.

Here’s a shorter version of what she wrote to me: Your coaching helped me learn an effective approach to interviewing and I gained a new found level of confidence. All things considered, given how long it had been since interviewing and the salary and job responsibility for which I was looking, I required more than just standard prep with the usual interview questions. I needed a different approach and the confidence to go for it, both of which I got from just a couple of sessions with you. Not only did I gain clarity in my goals, but I gained the confidence to go for it. I had already worked hard to achieve the position and status, I just lacked the compensation.

Somewhere along the line of talking to so many companies I realized I really did not want to leave. I have a tremendous amount of job knowledge, company knowledge, system knowledge, and not just that, no person there can fill my shoes without a lot of time. To boot my CEO knows this. It turns out my CEO found out I was looking for a job and knew I was actively interviewing. It also turns out that was a good thing. It was pre-annual review and he just asked bottom line what it would take to make me happy and stay. I let him know what it all boiled down to, thinking there would be no way he was going to be able to meet my request. I thought this because it meant a rather large leap from where I was currently at. In the end we renegotiated and the results were empowering. Let’s just say I’ve never been happier nor more motivated at work. 🙂

Thank you so much for cheering me on and helping me achieve my goals!

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