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If the ‘Interviews Suck’ – It could be you!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

A recent article attempted to convince me of the one best question to ask a job candidate that will tell you if they are right for the job. The article caught my attention because it started with ‘Interviews Suck!’ Ok, honestly – the idea that there is one question that does all that – that may be what really Sucks!

It sucks for the job candidate who simply is trying to understand how to prepare for the interview and comes in nervous and prepared to answer specific questions. It sucks for the person asking the ‘one question’ as they may never navigate to the right information for the job. This idea that ‘one question is all it takes’, while it may propel job applicants to take action and try to prepare, becomes such an overwhelming quest, that many stop trying and proceed to ‘wing it’.

Oddly enough, the idea of ‘one question’ gives the interviewer the sole advantage rather than helping the nervous job candidate. Enough! We need to stop trying to trip up our job candidates and instead prepare them to share their best selves, showcasing their own unique talent.

As a Sr HR Professional who not only has asked interview questions, but also interviewed for jobs at every military location assigned to my spouse, I have sat on both sides of the interview process more than most. I have found that by preparing interviewing candidates ahead of time, any question can be used as opportunities to share fascinating stories that not only relay applicable past experiences, but also provide insights into how they think, process problems, seek solutions, and recognize how their efforts affect others.

Sadly, few know to seek out a solid method to provide these ‘snap shots’ of prior successes. This results in feeling unprepared and can dwindles confidence faster than hot water on ice. Even the simplest answer may get muddled because of not knowing how to start or end a good example of past success.

HOW TO PREPARE FOR AN INTERVIEW There is an answer. Knowing how to communicate personal experiences is a huge advantage. To get that advantage, there is a way to format, prepare, and deliver your experiences. I know, I’ve used this with remarkable success. Every person I have coach, when using this approach, has landed the job offer. I know that coaching works here.

Not everyone seeks individual coaching. Which is great, because group coaching has a lot of rewards to it too. And group coaching statistically reaches results 20% faster. Check out this new opportunity to join a group and start interviewing up to the jobs you really want.

I’m offering a special spot for anyone seeking interview help to jump in and join a new group coaching movement based on the format I use with individuals. If you are currently gearing up to interview out or promote up, please grab some free information on this group program. It’s designed to put the advantage back in the job applicants’ hands, allow the interview to be a terrific opportunity, and kill the ‘interview sucks’ mentality for good!

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christopher hale
christopher hale
01 nov 2023

The statement "If the 'Interviews Suck' – It could be you!" suggests that if you have negative or unsatisfactory experiences during job interviews, it might be due to your own behavior, attitude, or approach to the interview process.

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