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How to Keep People you Want in your Life

The people who help you be your best self, whether as a daily human, a leader, or a coworker, are the people you need to intentionally keep present in your life.

The same is true for organizations that need to remain a magnet for great talent.

In the wake of the phenomenon, we now call the “great resignation”, leaders are scrambling to better understand how to keep the talent they need and the talent they know make them successful.

And there are two types of talent leaders need to keep. The newly developing talent - what we call horizontally developing talent, and the experienced talent - what is called vertically developed talent that can expand their contributions and giving back - both internally to the other employees and to the clients who are willing to pay for that experience.

Here’s a great picture and metaphor for these two types of talent from a great resource.

Training is often offered to grow horizontal development and coaching is offered to expand vertical development - both in emerging leaders and established executives.

But how do you keep talent you need now?

Myth busting - you don’t need to throw more money, PTO, or ping pong tables at them.


First - See Them! Recognize where they are at - both horizontally and vertically - and share that with them. People need to feel seen and valued or they will disappear.

Second - Plan for Them! Outline where growth is available for them in the organization. People are no different than a fertile seed that needs to be planted and nurtured to grow. If no destiny is outlined for them, then they do not recognize why to stay.

Third - Include Them! The vision/mission/values of any organization do change, adapt, and are required to be flexible when business needs get altered. Include the organization in some way. Employees are your first line of customer satisfaction to achieve. Learn to do it well and you will keep more talent.

The bonus! When you see, value, and include the talent you want to keep they will sing your praises, be your best form of PR, and bring business to you. It is worth your time!

To learn more, reach out to Carole Stizza, PCC, SHRM-SCP to understand where training, coaching, facilitating, or team engagement activities help retain the talent you want.

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