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Leaders – tips for dealing with the new COVID-19 ‘Normal’

Updated: May 31, 2021

Are you working virtually now? As a Manager/Leader here are some tips on how to support your team:

  • Connect with your team and coworkers in a positive way – ask them questions that will help you support one another (their favorite comedian, show, game, food, etc). This will help you know what to send them when you feel they are retreating due to worry or concern.

  • Offer to develop and lead a webinar about something that will add to work (this type of volunteering shows your willingness to perform and lead).

  • Look for and share, information with coworkers on webinars to attend that will add to your project, client, or organizational knowledge – make getting ahead a new and fun thing.

  • Connect and collaborate with fellow coworkers or peers outside your organization (cross reference knowledge) for writing white papers that help your organization shine online.

  • Think about how to improve work, using what you’re learning now, when you return – don’t just wait for someone else to do this – be creative here and envision your dream way of working.

  • Call people more than you ever have before – you don’t have to spend needless hours listening to someone talk at you – you just need to let them know you have 10 minutes and wanted to check in to see how they are doing and if you could help them in any way – send funny videos, write a letter, facetime, etc.

  • Write notes and letters to everyone (grab stamps – either online or via a postage machine)– try and write one a day or something similar to bring back something tangible for people to touch.

  • Social media – send personal messages to friends online – not negative.

  • Share articles that inspire or inform (don’t waste time on the negative – we get enough of that).

  • Learn anything new to implement at work when you get to go back in person.

  • Learn something new for you – that will make your brain wake up.

  • Make it fun for you and your family/friends/roommates (anyone at home with you) by making more unique time for games, online entertainment, cooking (etc.) that you can build into the day you haven’t done before. (Don’t substitute normal work time for this – but build them in like coffee breaks that keep the day moving with getting away from the laptop screen.)

I will be sharing more tips in the coming days!

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