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Leveraging Leadership

Fun story, our new puppy ‘Powder’ (the Golden Retriever) met a puppy “Lizzy’ (Black Lab) of the same age and they immediately started to play together and played for 2 hours non-stop. Then a local business asked to use them for a promo shot and now we have the picture above.

When was the last time you met someone, hit it off for any reason, and got lost in conversation for more than an hour or more? Those are the most exciting exchanges and I hope you take a photo too. Memories are what we gather as proof of the great investments of our time. Relationships are built on experiences. I hope you gather more every day.

On that note, relationships matter in every aspect of your day, including work.

Have you ever considered how your relationships are affected by how you leverage your Leadership?

Leveraging leadership is leveraging the power of influence to drive meaningful change in an organization or team.

It's about creating a:

● shared vision

● aligning resources and people to achieve goals

● and building trust through effective communication and collaboration

Leveraging leadership means:

● leveraging relationships

● leveraging resources

● and leveraging ideas to create a powerful impact

Ultimately, it's about leveraging the potential of a team to reach its maximum potential.

Leaders who can do this will be well-positioned to lead their teams and organizations to success.

Dropping off a group of men, of all different ages, skiers, and snowboarders combined, one would not assume how they met. Stories of how we meet others are fascinating. I know this group of men and am privileged to know them and embrace their families too. How they met is fascinating by itself, why they stay connected is because of their leadership experiences.

At one point in time, they all either worked for one another, supported each other as a peer, connected each other to new opportunities, or mentored one another through a crisis. They respect and now love each other like brothers. Who do you know that you would vacation with long after your time at work? Who do you employ that you hope to develop this type of longevity with?

Relationships: leveraging relationships requires a leader to build quality connections with other people and learn how to use them effectively. Leaders who focus on developing their ability to listen and empathize with others, as well as making sure they don’t take advantage of those relationships build stronger relationships.

Strong relationships are key to leveraging resources, expertise, and insights that can be beneficial for the leader's organization or project. Leaders must also understand when to step back to allow others to take over and utilize their own skillsets.

By respecting and leveraging relationships, one creates positive outcomes for both themselves and their team members. Leveraging relationships requires practice and with the right attitude and effort, any leader can learn how to leverage relationships and use them to further their goals.

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