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My new tag line! Part 3- Get Paid

Updated: May 31, 2021

Pay, paycheck, moolah, benefits, intangibles, tangibles, paid time off, family leave, vacation pay, recognition, promotions, volunteer time with favorite charity, matching donations, family days, gifts, perks, free breakfasts/lunches/snacks/beer, and company funded off-sites, dinners and social events. All the ways for an organization to offer pay related rewards.

What do you want? That’s the secret sauce of all motivation to work for the desired recognition. Reaping the rewards of solid efforts, good work, great ideas, team collaboration, and client happiness is a big deal. Let’s be clear, rewards are different than recognition. When people complain about a lack of recognition and I ask them what they want as proof of recognition, it’s rarely the stuff, it’s more often the attention and respect from those who appreciate their efforts. Quickly followed by a reward of increased pay, benefits, time off, or perks that help make life feel more balanced.

The rewards versus recognition choice of every boss.

Recognition is intangible and meaningful. Rewards are transactional and tangible. Both are desired, as one feels empty without the other. In January of 2020, Courtney Cox wrote about this on BerniePortal – worth a quick 2 minute to grasp the best HR recommendations on how to deliver either reward or recognition. (Hint: timeliness is a big deal!) I will contend that both are desired for the same work, meaning: provide the reward while also acknowledging the efforts (recognition) that it took to gain that reward – win/win. Yes, earned rewards go a long way in helping us all feel we are contributing, on the right path, and making a difference.

What do you want for your efforts?

Clarity in identifying that helps you understand the kind of recognition that will be the most efficient and meaningful. It is a fun cycle of clarity, recognition, and rewards if you’re clear on the rewards that matter, then you are often clear on how to reach those – reinforcing the clarity you have in reaching for the stars in the first place. When you are asked what your goals are – it’s often not simply the goal, like just touching the finish line. It’s touching the finish line in view of the people who matter to gain the rewards of recognition, respect, and witnesses for having achieved it. Success in a vacuum never feels like success unless it’s shared in celebration.

So, what rewards are driving your efforts in what you do?

If they are unclear, you may be experiencing a lack of focus, motivation, and clarity on why you are doing all the work you do. To gain clarity on the rewards you want. On getting paid. This is the focus of coaching. To help you get clear, get recognized, and get paid – in a way that matters the most to you.

For more information on coaching, visit my coaching page or click here to jump into a fun conversation!

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