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New You = New Awareness!

Updated: May 31, 2021

We all love the feeling and the idea of New. New ideas, new energy, new results, new, new, new! Yeah! And then what?


Something You Didn’t Plan For Happened

What happened to your awareness when you were embracing the ‘new’? Did it grow or did it take a break? Most of the time new awareness grows in a new environment, but when ‘new’ gets ‘old’, your awareness may not nudge you to keep growing.

Most articles on “goal afterglow” don’t address your new awareness. Instead, they focus on what happens if you don’t know your why.

What happens when you don’t keep up the processes that helped you achieve your goal?

What happens if you are completely confused by the outcome. Even when you become immensely rich and/or famous, you need to plan for what to do next. Either way, there will be life after you’ve reached any goal and maybe your new awareness has grown, but is it still active?

NEW AWARENESS! Awareness is active when you learn anything with the aim to apply new knowledge. Leaders who learn like to implement. When new ideas get implemented, it is essential that you become aware of the why, what, who, and how (WWWH) involved with new implementation or you will be left behind.

A NEW ORGANIZATIONAL PERSPECTIVE Yes, a lack of new awareness of behind the WWWH makes people dig their heels in and prevent change occurring smoothly. Don’t be one of these people. Ask questions, do research, do your due diligence to better understand the WWWH behind any changes that have been proposed.

Be part of the positive change and support your leadership.

You will not be a great leader if you do not know how to be a great follower and understand what walking the talk really means.

When leadership wants to implement change, take the time to respectfully make inquiries to help your department embrace what needs to happen. This shows self-leadership, the first step to leadership of others.

Be ahead of the change, if you can, without leaving behind those who need more information. Communicate what you know and support others with the change.


If you are feeling your goal progress slow, or fear of achieving your goal it may be because you haven’t taken the time to think through what will happen once the goal is met. I encourage you to become more aware of new information and a new awareness you can put into use.

One of the ways I recommend is to find out more information about yourself; build your self-awareness and understand your value. You may want to know what your natural strengths or leadership problem solving approaches are. You may want to know what you do that positions you for advancement or what trainings you need to attend to sharpen your skills. Or you just want to know what you do right and what you don’t need to change: to gain a new awareness!

It could be as easy as looking for an assessment that uses data and science to validate your strengths or gaining positive feedback on what you do well from those you work alongside or report to. There are ways to do both and gain important insights that allow you to put new information and new awareness to use and know what not to change as you grow in your career and your life.

New You = New Awareness for why the New You Matters!

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