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Snowflakes Are Like Humans

Snowflakes are like humans. Unique. Individual. No two are alike. Even in the way we think. That is what makes coaching such a rich experience, every day. In a world where we value belonging, we often fall into groupthink, forgetting that we are unique for a reason. We forget that diversity of thought propels innovation, creativity, and valuing one another’s gifts. I often remind teams that when you look at a superhero team, there are no redundancies, so please, stop trying to be someone you are not. 


Be the unique, weird, funny, nerdy, or serious person you like to be, and go after success in your own unique way.  Why? Sheryl Lee Ralph offers it best in her TED talk when she says, “The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself”.


I couldn’t agree more.  It doesn’t mean that ours is an easy relationship to have. We are often our own worst critics, silencing the inner cheerleader, giving space to our inner perfectionist, and not giving enough time for self-gratitude, love, or even kindness. What are you going to do when the #1 mean girl or bully is you, to yourself?!


The brain is a powerful hard drive and what you believe becomes your reality. Be careful and cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself. One where you give yourself grace for missing a workout, laugh when you really do walk out the door in your sweatpants without thinking, or make a mistake in any way. Treat yourself like you would a best friend, because you are all you’ve got in each moment.


Gratitude, mindfulness, and transformative thinking are all attached to the way you think about yourself and others. Neuroscience research is even bolstering support around including it in all insurance health plans as we understand the far-reaching benefits of positive thinking.


The ability to include this type of influence in your leadership is an easy lift too. Start all your conversations and meetings by asking what is going right. This simple question gives the receivers of this question a wonderful moment of thought and positive thinking. Just this approach promotes accessible endorphins in the brain to be present for more creativity in problem-solving. 


Be the leader people like to see walking down the hall towards them. Help your team be more positive, even when things are tough, because the mental boost of positive thinking may be just what your team needs to solve the tough problems.


To learn more about how positivity has long-lasting effects on individuals and teams, here is a link to the top TED talks to watch on positive psychology.

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