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The Romance Pivot

Updated: May 31, 2021

When the month of love comes around every year you hear a lot about romance. My kids once proclaimed Valentine’s Day should be called ‘Singles Appreciation Day’. Restaurants should give away a free appetizer and dessert to whoever makes reservations for that night simply due to the stress of competing for that one date night the rest of the world celebrates too.

Let’s pivot away from romancing someone and consider romancing your career. Love what you do?

I’m talking about taking time to consider how much you like or love your work. I’m not talking about office romance – stay away from that like the flu!

Forbes offers to change your PERSPECTIVE. I invite you to empower yourself to start here. You can change your entire life by changing how you view it. Here are 3 perspectives to consider.

  1. Connect what you do every day to the bigger influence your company has on their client and the world. Fully understand how this matters to the world and your perspective about the irritating daily grind may take on an entirely different definition.

  2. Connect to your unique strengths and understand how those strengths matter to your success in what you do. No one is a clone of another, what sets you apart is how you use your strengths and talents. Identifying what they are will absolutely shape how you see your influence.

  3. And finally, connect to your own bigger picture. If work is a paycheck with coworkers, benefits, and a stable way to maintain your life, than work is your ticket to finding purpose in other areas of your life – your purpose may be found in your family, friends, or what you are able to contribute to your community. This is nothing to sneeze at.

What’s required? All of these require self-awareness and self-acceptance of what you want instead of comparing yourself to others. We all have the little monsters in our heads that make us question why someone else has something we don’t. Stop this madness and get very clear on what you really want.

How do I know this? The day I asked this of myself – I asked myself what really mattered to me in my life. Then I asked what I could be doing that used my strengths and talents to allow me to spend more time with what matters. Turns out, it wasn’t a huge mid-life crisis turn upside down decision – it was a 180 degree perspective shift on what matters and what motivates me still to do what I do. I’ve been down this road and you can find great satisfaction if you take the time for yourself. This month, love yourself by loving your career a little more. To join my newsletter –click here.

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