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What Happens When You Say YES?

You find yourself in Whistler Canada, snowshoeing with a great friend, and reflecting on what makes life so rich. Hint: It’s not money or fame, it’s not even the thrill of going after successful work.

It turns out your perspective is the only thing that can make you feel rich. And while the view of nature’s greatness is also in my photos, it’s the memories, the laughter, and the freedom to be yourself with those you respect and admire for being awesome humans that will keep you going.

Saying YES to spending time with people makes your life rich. Get your calendar out - mark off time for relationships. I mean your work calendar too.


Relationships are the investments you need to be making. Saying YES to investing time with people you want to have coffee with well past your working years needs space on your calendar.

Do you have 5-10 people you turn to that you’ve met through work?

If you don’t have enough of those people in your life, we may be able to offer you something you hadn’t thought you needed, until now.

The opportunity of saying YES to developing relationships you now need to connect, network, and prop you up when you need it the most. These become the people you trust, travel with, and lean on as you grow in your success and look at beyond.

Why acquire new relationships with people through work?

While my personal life has a lot of great people to keep on my calendar, when it came to work, I had to cultivate that group. It’s a group that keeps changing but the relationships being formed are second to none. I had to form my own peer group. It’s not easy and they are hard to find.

There is a true gap in these types of groups for those aiming to level up their leadership and I have felt it as keenly as my executive clients. There are several groups that cater to the top level of leadership, but there are few that fill the gap for those who’s next step is the top or who’s current position doesn’t fit the requirements of Vistage, Chief, and many other phenomenal organizations.

Peer to Peer Mastermind groups fill that gap.

  • The first one forming is for Women in top decision-making roles aiming for C-Suite roles.

  • The second is for those in mid organizational positions who want to be clearer on the leadership needs that come next.

  • The third is for those who’ve moved from a military leadership role into a corporate leadership role and who are meeting unexpected cultural norms they need to navigate.

Say YES to simply having a conversation about these and explore if they meet your needs today. Learn more about Peer to Peer Mastermind groups here.

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